City & Guilds Courses

Sorry I’ve not posted for a while but I have had my head down concentrating on getting the City & Guilds approval……which is now done
I now have approved centre status or should I say GT:Courseworks now has approved centre status.

The next job is to concentrate on writing the course ready for Spring 2014. As you may or may not know, the course is intended to be delivered as a distance learning course, however, the value added is the fact that each of the four units will be introduced via a weekend workshop, not least so that you won’t feel to isolated and you can get to know the others on the course – ie people who ‘get’ what it is you do!! So at the risk of holding back – I am not issuing details until it is all sorted. The best things are worth the wait- right?

The course will be following the replacement syllabus for Creative Techniques and will be offered as a Level 3 Certificate (4 units) to be completed for most over a full 12 months.

Until then, if you are interested in receiving details when they are ready to go then just email me



City & Guilds Mixed Media – update

Creative Techniques 7161 Level 2 Certificate – update
Mixed Media Textiles is currently being submitted for validation. It is anticipated that it is now  likely to commence in early Spring 2014, not least so that there is good cohort of students to create a lively course which is able to generate momentum.
If you are interested in being added to the mailing list so that that you can be contacted as soon as firm details become available, please email

This is a constantly moving situation, so I will endeavor to keep everyone abreast of information.

Embroiderers’ Guild AGM


eglogo60-2Just a quick note for all Embroiderer’ Guild members, I will be at the AGM in Cheltenham this Friday & Saturday. It will be conducting 2 mini workshops – am & pm – Using Zeelon and Using Evolon. For details please contact the Embroiderers’ Guild direct.

gtlogo-web-310313I will also be in residence with all of my  goodies for sale both days.

On this occasion I will not be predicting the weather, on the basis that no news is good news!!

Bring on the new techno;ogy

mobile-shopFor those of you that have one of those new fangled smartphones, has now been optimised for the new mini twchnology.
I’d like to say all my own work, sadly not that clever……my shopping website provider must take the credit.

You may also notice that if you look us up on a regular pc that things are looking a little more smarter with updates ongoing for the next few weeks.

Fashion, Embroidery & Stitch – starts Thursday

Just a quick update to remind everyone that the biggest show of the year starts tomorrow. Even better news is that this infernal horrid weather is NOT forecast for the NEC, and may even get up to giddy heights of 9 degrees (that’s nearly 50 F in old money!!)

easter-feltHere is a note of some of the more seasonal goodies that will be on my stand. I have just one or two felt items all at under £5.

I don’t usually sell much in the way of my work, but I have also made a few hand printed seasonal greetings cards.

wool-prefeltI have some fabulous supplies including some very interesting prefelt (left)
as well as my more usual supplies of spunbonded fabrics.
hopefully there will also more news on the proposed CIty & Guilds Mixed Media Textiles course – or at the very least – there will be a wall display.
So with the weather forecast looking good, or a least benign, hope to see you there.

Print.Ability availabe in the USA!!

Print.Abilty the specialist printing medium for textiles will be available in the USA later this month from Meinke Toy as well as a few of the spunbonded fabric normally available only here in the UK including Cystal Spunbonded fabric in two weights, fusible Tissutex, Lutradur XL, Tyvek fabric, Heat Distressable Tissue and Zeelon. Many of these fabric featured in my book –

Lutradur and the New FibersLutradur & the New Fibers
and if you can’t get a copy from Meinke Toy you can get it direct from Interweave Press Online

Fashion, Embroidery & Stitch NEC 2013

I am just gathering together all of my bits and pieces for my stand at the NEC at the end of this month for Fashion, Embroidery & Stitch. It runs from Thurs 21 to Sun 24 March and I will be on stand H17 in Hall 12.glasgow1
I am currently putting together some new broads for display as my old ones are suffering particularly because in the autumn and spring the weather generates lots of overnight condensation in the halls and all of the boards which are attached to the backboards with velcro, peel away from the broads and end up -corner first- onto the floor. When this has happened a few times all of the corners are cruched up and look very dog eared.

I am hoping to take lots of my my own work for sale – the little books that I make are very popular so I have extended the range. I also hope to take some of the specialist supplies which I use in my work.

Textiles in Focus 2013

Textiles in Focus, Cottenham 15-17 Feb 2013Just thought I’d put put out a preamble for Textiles in Focus, which starts this Friday 15 February at Cottenham Academy, Cambridgeshire. It is an annual event for any one within the merest day’s travel away, well worth a visit. Pauline Verrinder who put in all of the hard work to make it happen usually puts on an excellent show as well as the opportunity to enrol in one of the 29 short workshops over the three days, as well as Guest Lecture on Saturday afternoon. the show is 10-4 on Friday and Saturday and ’til 4.30 on Sunday.
For details click here

New book from Wendy Cotterill

Thought I’d use my last  ‘Twelve Days’ post to announce that my second book is now officially in the pipeline, prompted not least by the fact that it is listed on with a working title Direct Inkjet Printing on Fabric AND already has an ISBN no 978-1408191903 – do it must be official.

Despite the working title it pretty much does what it says on the tin, looking at direct to fabric techniques – including an overview of software and equipment, consumables, straight forward printing and a few creative ones.
it is being published by A&C Black and is part of their Textiles Handbooks series, due to be published in Summer 2014.

So if some of you were wondering – some of the images in my last few posts can now be put into context!!

Taking Inspiration

Finding and taking inspiration can be very difficult for some people mostly because we look at different object with a whole load of life’s baggage. For example, a picture of a bunch of flowers says no more or less than being a bunch of flowers; probably presuming that the artist just wanted to paint a pretty subject matter. Not a bit of it!!!
I’m not go into the ins and outs of what flowers as subject matter can mean, suffice to say, before you even go down that road, just look closely at the image as painted. Think about cropping sections out the main picture and look more closely.
I have stolen a section of a painting (sorry I can’t tell you the source as I don’t know) but taking and isolating one small section can give a whole different view and starting point for creating another piece of work.
Look at his cropped section and list 10 different words that may start another piece of work. I’ll start you off;
1. Mauve
2. Chiaroscuro
3. Texture………